Counsel Throughout The Organization’s Life Cycle

We represent small and mid-sized businesses throughout the entire life cycle of the organization.  We focus on the
business objectives of our clients to help them achieve their goals in a complex and changing regulatory environment.
From entity choice, to raising capital, to day-to-day governance, to doing deals, our focus is on the delivery of timely,
value-added, committed legal service. The firm recognizes that our clients’ legal issues frequently demand our focus
beyond standard work hours and work days. We endeavor, therefore, to remain accessible and responsive beyond
the conventional work week where transaction timeliness demands.

Entity Choice

The firm assists founders and organizers with the identification and selection of proper entity choice to house their
budding business concepts, from both state law organizational and operational perspectives, to federal income
taxation analysis and regulatory angles, to prospective growth capital needs, all elements go into the selection mix.


The firm counsels businesses, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other organizations on
anticipating and minimizing the complex conflicts that arise from the ownership of closely-held businesses. A
multidisciplinary business and legal background affords the firm a unique perspective to provide individually-tailored
solutions for clients navigating the sometimes emotional disputes that can develop between majority and minority
owners and their businesses and that affect closely held businesses. The firm addresses and consult with our clients
on various issues involving shareholders, members, partners, and co-venturers to craft their governing documentation
to not only document the framework of their operations, but also with a view toward the avoidance or reduction
of the likelihood for conflict, including governing body deadlock avoidance mechanisms, majority versus majority
stakeholder disparity of interest resolution, exit strategies for cases in which no market for the public trading
of ownership exists and controversy settlement mechanisms for resolution short of judicial intervention.

Financing Growth

The firm advises privately held organizations on mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and commercial finance,
as well as in connection with private equity offerings.  Whether in connection with the initial raise of formation capital,
the acquisition of operating assets or for growth through acquisition of existing or competitive businesses, we advise
clients in the full spectrum of organizational, capital and finance.

Entity Choice, Formation and Governance

Corporate Transactions

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